How to study abroad for free or cheap?

India is one of the leading markets for students move to study aboard. Approximate 4 lakh students every year moved to foreign country to study in different countries. International education attracts students due its unique quality of education, global opportunity of better career as well as adept themselves in different culture. Overseas education opens a variety of opportunity for you as you train in global environment which encourage students to think in critical way with silent observation. It is a lifelong dream of every student to get him enrolls and study in foreign university.

When it comes to study abroad and fulfill their long cherished dream the highest obstacle come in their way is payment of admission fee for taking admission in foreign country and allied expenditure associated with it like, hostel fee, exam fee, visa fee etc. In spite of all these hurdles, if you are determined to study there are ways to study abroad free or with paying very less amount. If you have keen desire to study abroad for a low cost, or no cost at all, and don’t mind navigating extra paperwork and applications, you could find yourself studying abroad for free, with the option to do a year or even your whole degree overseas too. There is a will there is a way;

If you enroll yourself in foreign university with scholarship admission test or directly with any middle man you can study there free of cost or by paying even very less amount. Here are some countries where you can study free and a very cheap cost:-

– France – France is very popular among foreign students for study free or at cheap cost. All public universities of France do not charge any tuition fee from students from France or other international counties. However the most esteemed university charged fee from the students so it is better to stick yourself with Public University only. You should also have little knowledge of French language.  

– Germany – This country has very excellent university system. International students can study here free of cost or by paying very minimal amount of 350 Euro yearly as admission fee. There are many small cities in Germany where you can study with minimum survival cost and complete your degree. Only certain big cities like Rome, Munich are costly. In my opinion the Germany is the best destination for students who want to study free or cheap.

– Norway – A student can study in Norway with paying Registration Fee 50 Euro. Norway is a small, beautiful country with big resources. Norwegian government has a priority to maintain and develop an education system of high quality, which is open to all, regardless of the student’s social and economic background. This also counts for international students. However, beware that Norway is a high cost country, and as an international student you must be able to cover your living costs in Norway during your studies. So you can also choose Norway as an option for you to study free and cheap.

Sweden – In Sweden the students from EU/EEA passport holder can study free while other nationals have to pay for university degree. However, the PhD is free of cost and even you get some stipend while pursuing PhD in Sweden. The thing most suited to foreign students in Sweden is that you can work while study in Sweden and maintain your expenditre. 

– Brazil – If you have command over Portuguese language you can opt Brazil your destination for study in abroad. For this you have to appear in an exam for admission and they will also check your Portuguese language level.

– Greece – In Greece you can study by paying 1500/- Euro per year as admission fee. Although EU and EEA students can study their free of cost, but international students have to pay some fee. As far as cost of living the Greece is the cheapest in European countries. 

– Iceland – All public university in Iceland is free for all students. The only issue is that the most of the classes are there in local language.

– Luxembourg – Luxembourg has many universities which are considered excellent for research and education. The first year fee is around 800 Euro and thereafter 400 Euro yearly. You can also have this as an option. 

– Czech Republic – If you can speak Czech language very frequently you can study free of cost in Czech Republic. If you do not know language it is advisable to enroll yourself at very low cost for language course and learn Czech language. This is making sure your study in Czech Republic free of cost.

– Austria – In Austria you can study by paying approx 725 Euro per semester in Public Universities. If you compare this with other foreign university you find it very economical.

Some other way to study abroad Free and Cheap are as follows :-

– Direct Admission in Foreign University and Foreign Language – 

It is always advisable to get enroll himself in Foreign University directly by admission or scholarship test without any help from education consultant. In UK, USA many universities offer scholarships to deserving students. Another option is opt for admission in language program which is free and cheap like China is offering English language program at very low cost.

– Volunteer Program – 

It is not always that you can get degree or education by taking admission in foreign university only; there are many different way from which you can gain foreign education exposure.  Volunteer Program can give you experience to gain valuable opportunity to gain foreign language knowledge and hands-on experience without paying any fee. There are certain programs charge students to include them with Overseas Volunteer Programs. 

– Work While Study 

Although it is not very easy for international students to work while study abroad as they do not have work visa. There are certain programs afford which bypass this so that you can earn money to pay your fees while studying abroad. Enroll yourself in a course of teaching of foreign language or choosing a country that allows you to work while you studying like Australia or New Zealand. There are certain European countries allow students to work part-time. In UK you can work if you stay more than six months.  

– Arrange Scholarships and Grants

Arranging scholarships and grants for study abroad is also a very common option. Although it is more competitive than other options, so it may not be easier for everyone. There 50 scholarship and grants schemes across different counties and programs. You have to choose the program and country where you want to study.

Foregoing are some to the way you can choose to study abroad free and by paying very minimal cost to fulfill your dream. Whichever way you choose to try to study abroad for cheap, taking full advantage of the opportunities afforded to you is the best way to offset the cost. The memories you make overseas will be priceless!

So go ahead and choose your option suitable for you to study in abroad in affordable manner as per your limit…….Good Luck


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