Tips for safe study abroad experience

An international education in any stream in abroad is utmost rewarding and exciting experience in any body’s life. It is almost cherished dream of every student to get enroll himself in a semester or full time program in another country. There is a lot to learn, experience and face new challenges while study in foreign country.  Studying abroad is worth all the pain and hard work because: One should really take the time to learn the facts about how overseas education is providing everyone an inimitable opportunity to shape their education and succeeding life as a career person. Mostly students in their life dream to study in abroad and drop it due to safe stay in the foreign country.

While planning for getting enroll in foreign university…there is always a hiccups in our mind about the safety of staying in another country. This is very natural in human being to be cautious about a new place, people, culture, language and environment. 

Here are some safety tips for study abroad:-

1. Choose the suggested country for study in abroad

One of the most sought question is which country is safe for study. Finding the right destination for studying abroad is very important. The country you select to study should have very good ranking in Global Peace Index. There are many unsafe country for foreigner in the world…please avoid that country for your study even you get good deal there. Some safest and peaceful country in the world where you can study is as follows:-

  • Denmark
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Scotland
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • Sweden
  • Ireland
  • USA
  • UK

2. Authenticity to University/Educational Institute

After selecting the destination country to study in foreign the second most important aspect is to choose the university/educational institute where you desire to take admission for study. Every country issue a list of recognized/affiliated university in their country. Please enroll in that institute only do not run behind any agent for admission in foreign country, they may dope you. For authentic information you can contact with Embassy of that country for clarification. Be wise for your safety in foreign country and make sure of it. It is always better to apply early and appear in entrance test for admission in university of your choice program. There are many good university which also sponsor scholarship for students meeting a specific grade.  

3. Get Travel and Medical Insurance

Although the universities and institutions involved with students make sure their travel and healthy safety still it is advisable for students moving abroad to study take a comprehensive Travel and Medical Insurance for himself as per norm of that country.  Different countries in the world adopt unique measures to ensure e traveling safety of its citizen. The United Kingdom having Registered Traveler Service whereas the Australia provide the Smart Traveler Program and U.S. citizens opt for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. 

4. Learn the Language

English is the so called the international language, still there are many countries where the local language is mostly spoken and understood by the local people instead of English.  Before moving to that country learn language as much as you can. It will be very handy for you during study in abroad. In most of the European country the French is mostly spoken language so better to learn it. French is also spoken in African countries.

5. Stay in Buddy System

One of the most useful tips for foreign student to not roam alone especially during the night. Always move along with friend or classmate. If you are staying with someone than it is better, if not please ask for assistance from some to move with you. It is always advisable to choose buddy or roommate from the home country. It will be reciprocal for both of you and make your stay in abroad safe and comfortable. 

6. Keep a Low Profile

In foreign country try to keep a low profile as much as possible for you. This will resist unwanted attention and help you to be adept of new culture of that country.  Dress like local, do not wear jewelry. Do not speak too loud in open space as it attract attention of local people. Do not exhibit expensive clothes, gadgets and electronic equipment in institute or in public places.

7. Keep in Touch

One of the most important rule for student study abroad always be in touch with your roommates, college friends and parents in home country. Whenever move inform it to your buddy and hostel in charge.  While being out of your college or hostel premises call your friend and hostel staff time to time and inform about your location and probable time of return. Nowadays it is very easy with smart phone to pass your whereabouts to your roommate and parents.

8. Drink Wisely

It is sincere advice to do not drink while study abroad. However, during your stay in foreign country, you will be socialize with people and in their culture drinking is a norm, so drink only with know people.  Never drink with unknown people and drink responsibly so that you can back your room safely. 

9. Learn from surroundings

Learn from surroundings is very important for student study abroad. Getting information about your host town and city will make your more safe in that country. Read daily newspaper to know about political, economical and cultural scenario of the city where you live. Gather information about danger zone, things to be avoided. You can take the advice from senior students about it too. 

10. Keep contact of your Embassy

It is always advisable to the any citizen studying, working and doing business in foreign country to keep contact with your Embassy in that host country. Must save embassy Emergency or Consular Number in your mobile for any contingency. The embassy is only single point from where you will receive immediate assistance when you need. 

Most of the embassy having a education wing who look after the issues of students of their country. 

In addition to above enumerated safety tips there are some common safety tips which should be followed by the students studying in abroad. These tips are

 – Acquire as much as information you can get about the current travel warning of that country if any.

 – Always keep your foreign travel documents like, Passport, Visa, and Medical Insurance with you. It is advisable to make many copies of it and keep soft copy in your mobile.

 – Don’t travel alone in night. For travel use only official taxi and transport service.

 –  Do not create civil disturbance in foreign country, even an innocent by passer can be hurt and arrested. Utmost care should be taken for their culture, tradition and religious sentiments. Any violation of it may be disastrous for you so please respect their culture, tradition and religion.

 – Do not indulge in crowded area.

In the end, study abroad with necessary planning and taking care of necessary precaution students will have fun and very pleasant experience in studying abroad. Be smart and believe in yourself. The most import factor of safety in abroad is your personal behavior.

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