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Studying abroad is a dream come true and student visa plays a significant role in it. Getting a student visa is a daunting task due to lot of documentation required in the process. Each country has their own set of standards to study abroad and it is important to understand their rules and regulations.

We at Gurukul Exposure provide complete guidance to students on visa application. Our team of experts have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the entire process. We are professional student visa consultants can help you with the following:

  • Guidance on Visa application process
  • Application Documentation
  • Visa Interview preparation through mock interviews

Once you have documents ready, you should start your visa application process as it is time taking process. The idea behind this is keeping things in parallel so that if any problem or glitch crops up get settled in due course of time without any delays in the application process.

We are right here to answer your questions and notify any important notification or change in regulations.
We can also send you an email or alert based on your documents status. Also, can notify you whenever any important documents have been mailed to you.

What all documents you need for student Visa application?

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Ireland

The visa application process requires the following documents:

Passport: A passport which should be valid for six months after the tentative date of return. If you don’t have a passport then it is the right time to apply if you’re seeking studying abroad.
Photos: Passport photos which can be taken at any professional photographer. The background and the photo size could vary from country to country.
Acceptance Letter: Stating the intention to study abroad and willingness of the institute to sponsor your studies based on your examination.
Financial Statements: This will indicate the financial stability of your parents or guardians to cover the cost of your living and tuition in abroad.
Medical Insurance: This will help cover medical insurance while living abroad. It is important to cover the insurance as the international coverage is required.

Now dreams do come true with GURUKUL EXPOSURE

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What Our Clients Say!

Gurukul exposure is a really helpful organisation. They helped me whenever I faced any problem and were there with me throughout. I would highly recommend Gurukul exposure :))


very helpful
excellent staff and trusted


Excellent team… Very supportive and cooperative…. I would refer you guys to all my friends who are looking at foreign education and exposure.. Gurukul you rock..


Excellent staff with responsibility. Gives more than hundred perecent to help the students to reach their goals and their final destination.


For me the whole process from shortlisting the universities and to getting the visa has been really smooth. Jyotsana mam has been really helpful and I totally believed in her that i would receive my visa. I get regular calls from them which has been a relief because i tend to forget things. I would highly recommend everyone who is planning to study abroad as they are the best in business specially jyotsana mam


Excellent staff with responsibility. Gives more than hundred percent to help the students to reach their goals and their final destination. Guys visit them for ur success.


Gurukul Exposure Pvt Ltd and Jotsana have been extremely helpful in helping me attain a spouse visa and my wife with her student visa to the UK. The entire process was smooth due to which we are now in London. A massive thank you to her and her team and would recommend her services to everyone!


Thank you Jyotsana Ma’am and entire Gurukul exposure team for all your help and support for my visa to UK. You catered to all my enquires and doubts at any given point, gave me undivided attention so that no mistake is made in my visa file. It seemed like an easy process but thank god I came to you because I had no idea about the nitty gritties of the process. You and your team are the best! Thank you once again for your help, support and guidance for my visa. I would highly recommend Jyotsana Ma’am and her team to anyone who is applying to study abroad.


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