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Ireland is a renowned destination for studying abroad. Ireland is located on the west coast of Europe and is a house of picturesque beauty, flora and fauna. It offers world-class education and the talent from Ireland is recognized throughout the world.

Irish qualifications are at par with UK which makes gives you a great chance to begin your career with an Irish degree.


Why Ireland?

It offers great hospitality for international students. The place is easy and comfortable to adapt to the new surroundings. English is a language spoken majorly makes it easy for international students to study and stay. 

The quality of education offered by top-notch universities of Ireland is widely accepted. It offers innovative and creative culture to students who want to be a part of this global community.  Ireland government also offers scholarships to well-deserving students to help them achieve their goals in life. 

There are various reasons to study in Ireland, we are listing the most important one: 

Irish universities have free fees initiative for those EU students who can’t afford their education. 

Be a part of a family of more than 35000 students from across the world. 

Face no major challenges in accommodation or acceptance. 

Dublin has been voted as the world’s friendliest city by the famous Lonely Planet. 

Our experts at Gurukul Exposure provide extensive guidance from application to admission process. We also motivates the students to opt for right courses to excel their career graph.

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We have the best team to provide you overseas experience and exposure. You can explore more avenues in abroad.We will help you rise and face the challenging and competitive world and with placement services as well.

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Excellent team… Very supportive and cooperative…. I would refer you guys to all my friends who are looking at foreign education and exposure.. Gurukul you rock..


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My son missed government seat in India then we met Gurukul Exposure for abroad study. He got a seat their with the help of them, Thank you.


Excellent staff with responsibility. Gives more than hundred percent to help the students to reach their goals and their final destination. Guys visit them for ur success.


Gurukul Exposure Pvt Ltd and Jotsana have been extremely helpful in helping me attain a spouse visa and my wife with her student visa to the UK. The entire process was smooth due to which we are now in London. A massive thank you to her and her team and would recommend her services to everyone!


Thank you Jyotsana Ma’am and entire Gurukul exposure team for all your help and support for my visa to UK. You catered to all my enquires and doubts at any given point, gave me undivided attention so that no mistake is made in my visa file. It seemed like an easy process but thank god I came to you because I had no idea about the nitty gritties of the process. You and your team are the best! Thank you once again for your help, support and guidance for my visa. I would highly recommend Jyotsana Ma’am and her team to anyone who is applying to study abroad.


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