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  • We at Gurukul Exposure can help in studying in New Zealand. 

    It ranks second on the global peace index 2018. New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the safest countries to study and work in. As per Global Peace Index 2018, New Zealand ranks second and is considered to be the safest country to study and work in. 

    It has the right mix of opportunities, culture and economy. It has the best climate to suite the India students. The picturesque views and scenic view will enhance your learning and experience in staying in New Zealand. 

    We at Gurukul Exposure will make it easier to find a study option and shortlisting universities. We can help you guide to find the course which will suit you. 

    Studying in New Zealand is not a pocket-friendly option while considering this country. But with the right planning and guidance from experts at Gurukul Exposure, it is possible to study without breaking the bank. 

  • There are a range of scholarships offered by universities and colleges which is open for well-deserving students. Scholarships help in funding the studies completely or in partial depending on the course and the institution. 

study in New Zealand


There are various private and public establishments as well which can offer scholarships. We can help you in successful submission of application before the closing date to increase your chances of getting in your favorite.

 Why choose New Zealand? 

  • This country has the amiable people which has friendly outlook towards people from other countries.This island country has an easy going and laid back attitude towards life which enriches your learning and living experience. 
  • Rich in diversity and a multicultural country makes it welcoming for anyone to live and adjust to the new surroundings. It is more diversified than many European countries.
  • It is an incredibly stable with a low cost of living and a stable government which sets out right opportunities for work as well. 
  • Degrees offered by institutions and universities are world-class and are recognized and accepted across the world. The education system is stringent about updating the education system in order nothing but the best. 

Choose Gurukul Exposure and Live your dream of studying in New Zealand.

Now dreams do come true with GURUKUL EXPOSURE

We have the best team to provide you overseas experience and exposure. You can explore more avenues in abroad.We will help you rise and face the challenging and competitive world and with placement services as well.

What Our Clients Say!

Gurukul Exposure gave complete guidance to study in New Zealand to my boy. He is fully settled there. I will certainly refer their consultancy service to others.

Ravi Hooda

My daughter studying in A+ graded medical university in Canada something you can’t miss. Gurukul helped us a lot in this. Thank you!

Ramesh Singh

My son missed government seat in India then we met Gurukul Exposure for abroad study. He got a seat their with the help of them, Thank you.

Rajan Aggarwal

I knew almost no about New Zealand before coming however I needed to go to another spot that else I would most likely not come visit in my lifetime. The grounds is situated in the core of the city which makes investigating the city exceptionally simple. I recommend Gurukul Exposure for New Zealand study to Indian students.

Karan Sharma

The University of Auckland gave me a novel encounter. The uni is situated in the ideal spot. It’s integral to the city which made school life simple, however it was likewise simple to escape the city and appreciate nature, ideal for the ends of the week!

Superb service by Gurukul Exposure…

Swati Singh

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