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Singapore has been recognized as a world leader in research and has opened various avenues for higher education and research. It has been ranked as third in World competitiveness rankings. In Asian universities, it is Singapore which is gaining traction and getting recognized as business hub with also provide world-class education facilities. If you wish to study in Singapore then we at Gurukul exposure can help you in selecting the best universities in Singapore for international students.

Singapore has its unique culture which represents excellence, high quality of life and diverse backgrounds.

Two Singapore’s leading universities got listed in the world’s top 15. This makes it a perfect destination to study abroad.

Singapore education

Why study in Singapore? 

  • It is quite affordable in comparison to other countries like The USA, UK, Canada and Australia. It is nearer to India which reduces the cost incurred in managing living. By adopting various means a person can easily afford staying and studying in Singapore. 
  • No language barrier with a place like Singapore where you have English among 4 major languages. Malay is their native language but Singaporeans can easily understand and converse in English. 
  • Singapore is rich in flora and fauna with around 47% greenery, it is the most greenest city of Asia. You can easily study in Singapore with rich culture. 
  • Singapore is rich in multicultural diversity which makes it easy for new students to adjust and sustain abroad.
  • Although tuition fees is a tad expensive but as per the scheme introduced by the Singapore government, tuition fees is subsidized for the non-Singaporeans with a sign of contract which states to work for at least 3 years. 

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Ramesh Singh

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